lørdag den 26. maj 2012


Thanks to this post by Kirsten Nørgaard, I just had to catalog today. It is made by this ingenious catalog card generator. Have fun!

Addition after tosommerfugle's comment below:

Here is the raw text I put into the generator:



Jeg tjekker nedbørsradarkortet. Mit vasketøj er næsten tørt og akelejerne trænger til vand. Jeg drikker kaffe i skyggen og tænker: Alting kommer når det skal!

Dette er ikke et digt, det er bare noter
Shit!!! Det regner!"


Weather conditions

I check the precipitation radar map. My laundry is almost dry and the columbines need water. I drink coffee in the shade and think: Everything happens in its own time!

This is not a poem, it is only notes
Shit!!! It's raining!"

3 kommentarer:

  1. Sort of an Instagram for text.... While presentation style can add a touch, I've found that if I want to say something to the world, it is important that the world can find someone saying such things. OTOH, such non-searchable memes, where the form is a major part of the appeal, sometimes get a viral shot at visual microblogging services like Pinterest, Weheartit, Tumblr, Instagram or whereever Internet-age bumper-stickers are popular. When reposting a few of these, I make sure that the words are included as searchable text - and people do use traditional search a lot.

    1. Well, that explains your thoroughness when it comes to getting "picturized" text repeated as real text on your blog ;-).

      I'll take you up on it. Give me five minutes, and my styled words will be searchable. And thank you for always pushing me to be searchable - I find it so hard to do so on my own initiative, always thinking nobody would want to find it anyway.

    2. (Pinterest .. that was fun for about five minutes. Way to stuffed with THINGS for my taste).