onsdag den 9. maj 2012

Almost no one but bots

A large bunch of bots are visiting my blog daily compared to the very few, but deeply cherished human beings of flesh and blood that are being registered in the blog stats. It matters to me, of course, since I'm actually a human myself, and I have detected a tiny, vain hope inside myself that Anna is out there. Or Peter. Or Maria. Or ...

But they probably aren't, and I'll write anyway for as long as it makes sense to me, myself and I. We'll see. Maybe my neophile tendency is catching up on me as well; I'm not sure yet.

(The situation hasn't changed radically since the start of my language learning project. Slightly, maybe, but not radically. Anyway I wonder if bots are the only ones being able to read my lousy English? Or the only ones being able to pretend they can read it :-). I'll give that some consideration).