onsdag den 9. maj 2012

Almost no one but bots

A large bunch of bots are visiting my blog daily compared to the very few, but deeply cherished human beings of flesh and blood that are being registered in the blog stats. It matters to me, of course, since I'm actually a human myself, and I have detected a tiny, vain hope inside myself that Anna is out there. Or Peter. Or Maria. Or ...

But they probably aren't, and I'll write anyway for as long as it makes sense to me, myself and I. We'll see. Maybe my neophile tendency is catching up on me as well; I'm not sure yet.

(The situation hasn't changed radically since the start of my language learning project. Slightly, maybe, but not radically. Anyway I wonder if bots are the only ones being able to read my lousy English? Or the only ones being able to pretend they can read it :-). I'll give that some consideration).

2 kommentarer:

  1. If you want more readers, it helps to have some kind of idea of what kind of people you'd like to attract. And possibly do something to "flirt" with them :-)

    Switching language to english (you're doing fine) implies writing for a more international audience, most likely someone which you don't know? Why would you (or someone else) recommend following this blog? To whom?

    Of course, these questions are somewhat rethorical, and are mostly related to the your mindset when deciding to spill your beans :-)

    In principle I don't care about how many people reads a blog post of mine. On the other hand, I'm very conscious of factors likely to bring visitors from Google, and sometimes I let this knowledge influence my style and topic selection for getting my philosophy to unprepared readers :-)

    1. tosommerfugle, you make me think ;-).

      What kind of people I’d like to attract? I know what kind: My kind, but they’re so hard to find :-D. I don’t want to sound elitist or anything, but I guess that means people who has a drive (an ability, sorry) to gain insight and knowledge and to transcend everyday trivialities and the games people play. So this thing about switching to English also was an attempt to make my posts somewhat readable to people outside Denmark, especially to those bloggers abroad whose blogs I read (if any of them ever discover my blog exists). Every now and then I try to view my blog in a google translation, just for fun, but the results seem so scary to me that I eventually thought maybe I could do better myself. And in addition use it as an opportunity to learn.

      I think I have a very defensive marketing strategy if any, and I kind of hope that people will find my blog by chance and maybe fancy it. I know it’s a disastrous way to think if I don’t want to waste my beans ;-), but the thing about my blog is that it is an example of a proces, and if you don’t grasp that and see the whole through a series of posts, I suppose my blog is among the dullest of blogs :-). So this thing about recommandation - I know it’s rethorical questions you’re putting up, but they do strike something important to me anyway: I don’t recommend my blog. I make it available for those who somehow is in the right place and time to walk with me along the way, and let me walk with them. (But that means we have to walk both of us, so to speak, talking about what kind). I sort of search travelling companions, but the need or interest for the travel must come from inside the companions themselves - I can’t agitate anyone into it, persuade anyone or argument rationally for doing so. It sort of happens if it is meant to be.

      I know it might seem like the purest nonsense, but you walk with me, I think. And I walk with you. :-).

      Really, I don’t care much about the numbers of followers or readers either, one is enough. And by writing this back to you I realize something important: Maybe I’m trying to find an “excuse” for my own growing wish to transcend the level that this blog is written on right now. Maybe I’m trying to avoid taking responsibility for myself and my own wish or need for development. It might be time for me to move on, and maybe end this blog to make way for a new beginning?

      I don’t know if this makes sense. And I will sleep on it, probably more than one night, to let my unconscious do some of the work to find out :-).

      Thank you.