26. maj 2012


Thanks to this post by Kirsten Nørgaard, I just had to catalog today. It is made by this ingenious catalog card generator. Have fun!

Addition after tosommerfugle's comment below:

Here is the raw text I put into the generator:



Jeg tjekker nedbørsradarkortet. Mit vasketøj er næsten tørt og akelejerne trænger til vand. Jeg drikker kaffe i skyggen og tænker: Alting kommer når det skal!

Dette er ikke et digt, det er bare noter
Shit!!! Det regner!"


Weather conditions

I check the precipitation radar map. My laundry is almost dry and the columbines need water. I drink coffee in the shade and think: Everything happens in its own time!

This is not a poem, it is only notes
Shit!!! It's raining!"

25. maj 2012

Love Languages

Sometimes a particular trend seems to catch my eye everywhere I look, and I always take that as a serious hint from the unconscious about something I would benefit from offering some attention. Right now it appears to be The 5 Love Languages that has caught my inner eye. It is a theory developed by Gary Chapman to help people gain consciousness about the different ways of expressing and wanting to receive love in close relationships, in order to make better way for love and understanding. (I remember two sources clearly: here an here (both in Danish) - just to get that straight).

As always, I get more occupied by the thoughts that I produce myself when grasping the larger point than by digging into the depth of the theories for details and dry knowledge, but that is how I enjoy it the most, and that is what I am going to do in this case too. (I can dig if I have to, but this is my queendom and I rule here, so ..).

I know which two love languages are my primary and my secondary language. It took me about two seconds to realize, and then about three seconds to imagine what that means in my closest relations. It was fine and handy and eye opening, but not exactly seminal.

But then it struck me: What about in regard to my relationship to life as a whole? Is there a connection between what I prioritize and put my focus on in life at large and my primary love language(s), and how does this connection or absent connection influence my joy of life? Do I put forward my primary and maybe also my secondary love language in my relationship with society and in the kind of work or the effort I have chosen to do in this life? And is there something to learn about why I feel at home in my life or not?

Let me be personal and more earthy, just for the sake of the example. I hope you can replace my love languages with your own (if they differ) realizing that one very important point, that no love language is better or worse than the others. They are all equally "right", it all depends on what you prefer or what comes more natural to you.

My primary love language is 'Word of Affirmation', followed very closely by 'Quality Time' (I do not like that expression, but never mind ..). The questions for me to answer will then be: Do I build my life around words to affirm both myself and others, and do I make time for 'full, undivided attention' in my life, both privately and socially? And do I give less attention to work, relations and any other arrangements that are wrapped around the other three love languages, 'Acts of Service' and 'Receiving Gifts' being my most foreign languages? And last, but not least: Is there vital information about what could make me feel more at home in my life, embedded in this analysis and the answers coming up?

Well, I'll leave the questions blowing in the wind for now, giving them some more sincere consideration.

Maybe this is part of the theory, and maybe I would find the same thoughts if I really took the time to dig - I will leave that blowing in the wind as well. (There is always something blowing in the wind, isn't that one of the most wonderful things about life?).

PS. Just a wild thought in addition: Have you ever wondered what love language you speak and like to be spoken to in as a blogger? (If you are a blogger, of course).

22. maj 2012

Reposting: Anbefaling


Finally, after a long time of waiting for the library to deliver the film, I have seen "Inception", and it definitely fullfilled all my expectations. I know I am probably about 1½ years behind everybody else in this world when it comes to watching and thinking about that movie, but anyway I want to repost an old post dealing with the deeper layers of the content - just because I have a personal need for tying up loose ends, and because the validity of what I listened to and what I wrote back then is independent of time and place. My recommendation still stands!


Original post, august 2010 (slightly edited):

"Virkeligheden er det der virker", siger den jungianske analytiker Pia Skogemann i denne Eksistens-udsendelse på spørgsmålet om hvad Carl Gustav Jung mente er virkelighed.

Jeg har netop hørt første halvdel af udsendelsen der har filmen "Inception" som udgangspunkt, og det vælter simpelthen ud af overflødighedshornet med gode svar og formuleringer om virkelighed, drømme, det ubevidste, erkendelse, kreativitet og sandhed fra Pia Skogemann, filmentusiast Erik Bjerre og filosof Finn Janning, interwievet af Bjarke Stender. Jeg har ikke set filmen, men det er heller ikke nødvendigt, for den fungerer i udsendelsen - som jeg hører det - næsten udelukkende som afsæt for at tale generelt om de eksistentielle størrelser nævnt ovenfor.

Und dig selv denne filosofiske/psykologiske godbid! Det skal være ordene fra mig i dag.

18. maj 2012

Search and you will find

Really. This rocks if you are a searchaholic like me:

16. maj 2012

Just another day at the office ..

Sreen print
I was browsing for apps for Chrome in between the ever so boring chores that I had set my mind on doing today so that they would not take op my time and mind the next four days. I found this one I liked: "Do it (Tomorrow) - the todo App for procrastinators ;-)". You can find it on top of this page.

Anyway, I didn't procrastinate very much today, and it feels good (and a bit unusual). Even the bread is coming right up! 

Doer and dreamer at the same time, someone once said about my type. I guess that about covers it.

I shall sleep tight tonight, I think.

11. maj 2012

New kid on the block


There is a new kid on the block, and she arrived yesterday. Her name is Toulouse which is the name given to her by her previous "mother", and it is just as lovely as she is, so we certainly will not change that.

She seems to be comfortable around her new family, and we are so happy to have her. She is playfull, curious and very sweet, and her harmonic presence already brings out the zen buddhist in me. She took a nap on the couch in my room earlier today, and listening to her dreamy sighs made me realize how much I have missed the company of a cat the past eight months.

I also find some sort of contentment in not being the only "she" in the house any longer. It feels good to have the female energy boosted a bit in this family. Haha.


9. maj 2012

Almost no one but bots

A large bunch of bots are visiting my blog daily compared to the very few, but deeply cherished human beings of flesh and blood that are being registered in the blog stats. It matters to me, of course, since I'm actually a human myself, and I have detected a tiny, vain hope inside myself that Anna is out there. Or Peter. Or Maria. Or ...

But they probably aren't, and I'll write anyway for as long as it makes sense to me, myself and I. We'll see. Maybe my neophile tendency is catching up on me as well; I'm not sure yet.

(The situation hasn't changed radically since the start of my language learning project. Slightly, maybe, but not radically. Anyway I wonder if bots are the only ones being able to read my lousy English? Or the only ones being able to pretend they can read it :-). I'll give that some consideration).

8. maj 2012


Today I'm trying to make room for my system to tie up loose ends and settle unfinished business inside my totally stuffed mind. It feels like there's a lot to do and I'm trying to get my priorities straight and let the process unfold without my intervention.

I'll read up on stuff in the different streams of information I follow. Upload my water workout music files to google drive. Eat still yummy leftovers. Take as many naps as I feel like. Stay in the house, mostly in my room, all day. Let my thoughts take any direction they want, and observe it with curiosity.

5. maj 2012



I absolutely love the signs of their presence that my nephews have left behind.

The next day

Photo by MMT

Here is a picture of me giving a speech for the first and only time in my life. Holy cow! It went well, somebody said, and I'm so surprised. It required some determination, but now I'm still riding the wave!

3. maj 2012



Preparations for tomorrow in morning sunlight. The smell of a marcel chocolate cake being prepared along with having an ordinary breakfast and packing down school lunch is total magic. Life is truly beautiful in all it's diversity, and today the experience hits me so forcefully.

1. maj 2012

Lost in translation?

Well. I have not succeeded in disciplining my mind and concentrating completely on handling the practical tasks I have to carry out these days, so in between being a good host to the exchange student (who has now left), planning the party coming up for our oldest son and carrying out some decent season ending arrangements for my swimmers and water workout participants, I couldn't help myself doing some changes on this blog. It seems my morning coffee tastes better when I drink it while using the computer, and today it has spread to the afternoon tea too.

I have given it a lot of thought lately whether to start writing in English, and now I find it a good time to do so. I don't really know how to do it, and maybe something will get lost in the attempt, but I so much would like to learn and hope we can share a good laugh over all the mistakes I'm definitely going to make. Please interfere and educate me (gently) if this gets out of hand and my posts become (even more) impossible to understand and annoying to read.

I also took the opportunity to rewrite the About page. I know I have done this about six million times during the time I have been writing here, but it seems so important to me. I feel it has to change along with the changes going on in my perception and understanding of myself and the world, and it is time for me to move on in regards of the content as well as the language.

If you want to comment, you can do it in any language you like - I'll be consulting Google Translate all the time from now on anyway to carry out this language learning project, haha.

And now I will post this post and go shopping for materials for place cards and other party stuff with peace in mind, knowing that I am both blind to details and poor at English, but excellent at learning.